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veiling / Auction 26 Session I. Children's books, Paper Toys, School Plates, Literature, Manuscripts, Old Books / 320-339 Old Books before 1600
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Alessandro Farnese, pope Paul III. Bapst Pauli des dritten, Bulla vnd außschreibe,

ein heylig General Concilium, auff den nechstkünfftigen monat Nouembris, des yetzig? 1542. jars, in der statt Triend zuhalten. (Nuremberg, J. Petreius, 1542), 10 lvs., woodcut papal coat of arms on title p., 19th-cent. overlapping vellum with attached seal in wooden box, sm. 4to.
A very good copy of probably the first German edition (or one of the earliest German editions) of this papal bull by Paul III, Alessandro Farnese (1468-1549), who was pope from 1534 up to his death. The bull, eventually published in many editions up to 1545, is an invitation for the Council of Trent, held from 1545 to 1563. With the bookplate of the Norwegian literary historian and university professor Kåre Foss (1895-1967) on inside front cover. Rare, no copies in PiCarta and only a few copies in libraries worldwide.
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