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veiling / Auction 26 Session I. Children's books, Paper Toys, School Plates, Literature, Manuscripts, Old Books / 320-339 Old Books before 1600
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Les Poemes de Pierre de Brach Bourdeloios

Divises e trois livres. Bourdeaux, Simon Millanges, 1576. (16), 220 fol., (1) pp. Woodcut title vignette, woodcut tailpieces and initials, portrait of the author in the text. Vellum, manuscript title on spine, 4to.
Very rare first edition of the first published poems by Pierre de Brach (1547-1605), a lawyer from Bordeaux who was close to Guillaume du Bartas, Pierre de Ronsard and Michel de Montaigne and was admired by many of his contemporaries. This poetic work consists of 3 'books', the first being "Amours d'Aimée", mainly comprising poems written for his wife. The second book contains three long poems: "L'Hymne de Bordeaux", "La Monomachie de David et Goliat" and "Une Ode de la Paix". The third book contains poetry of circumstance and is named "Meslanges". Occ. contemp. marginal annotations and manuscript notes in French. Shabby copy, binding loose, partly waterst., front board dam., 2 photocopied lvs. Very rare.
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