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850-900 Vinyl


veiling / Auction 25 Session II Collection Tjeerd Deelstra. Post-war Avant-Garde. Fluxus and Conceptual Arts & Counterculture Movements part II
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kavel: 870
Text-sound-compositions1. A Stockholm Festival 1968
-33 rpm. Ake Hodelle, François Dufrène, Bob Cobbing. RELP 1049 + Text sound compositions 3, 4 and 5, incl. Diter Rot, Emmet Williams, Henri Chopin a.o. Technical realization Berndt Berndtsson. RELP 1072-1074, 1969. All in excellent condition. -

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kavel: 871
[Concrete Poetry] Akutische tekste/ ?Konkrete poesie/ Visuelle tekste.
-Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, RSC 246, 1970. Mint copy, incl. inlay. Added: Peter Downsbrough. Produced by The Stedelijk Van Abbe museum, Eindhoven, Holland, 1982. Sealed copy + Robert Barry. Otherwise. Van Abbemuseum, 1981. Sealed + Roland Topor. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 1975-76. Catalogus nr: 590. Design Roland Topor, Wim Crouwel. -

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kavel: 872
[Dieter Roth] The Kuemmerling Trio.
-plays Kuemmerling Trio (E. Williams, HJ. Mayer, D. Roth). 33 rpm. Hans Jörg Mayer, Stuttgart, London, 1979. Added: Willem Breuker. Lunchconcert for three barrel organs. Instant Composers pool. ICP 003. 1967 + Poezie in het Paleis. Brussel 28 sept. 1966. Herinneringsplaat. Incl. Fritzi ten Harmsen van der Beek, Gerard Reve, Simon Vinkenoog, Hugo Claus, Remco Campert and Johnny the Selfkicker.-

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kavel: 873
Ices 72 t shirt.
-Memorabilia and t shirt of the iconic 'Woodstock of the Avant Garde' festival of experimental sound that took place at Roundhouse in London on 13 - 26 August 1972. Organised by Harvey Matusow from The Source magazine featuring names such as Stockhausen, John Cage, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Steve Reich, Cornelius Cardew and many more.-

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kavel: 874
Philip Glass/Steve Reich/John Cage a.o.
-Lot of 11 records including International Gaudeamus competition for interpreters of contemporary music 1971 and 1972; John Cage. Nocturne Six Melodies; Philip Glass. Music in Similar Motion and Music in Fifths; Philip Glass. Music in twelve parts. Parts 1 & 2; Philip Glass. Music with changing parts; Philip Glass. Solo Music; Steve Reich. Four Organs. Phase Patterns; Misha Mengelberg. Musica per 17 instrumenti; Reinbert de Leeuw. Erik Satie Vexations; Willem van Manen. BVHaast027. All in near mint/mint condition.-

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kavel: 875
John Cage publications
-John Cage, Notations. New York, Something Else Press, 1969. Hardcover. First edition of classic work. Light soiling, else very good. + Peter Schjeldahl, Mother No.7. New York, 1966. Assembled interviews with Cage by Ted Berrigan, tape recorded at parties, in flats and in taxis + The Paris Review Vol. 10 no. 40 winter spring 1967. Includes Cage's 'How to improve the world' 1966. + Great Bear Pamphlet by John Cage. Diary: How to improve the world, cont. part three. New York, Something Else Press, 1967. 16 pp. Cover toned, else fine. + Flug/fluxblattzeitung 7, John Cage: Fiktives interview. Stuttgart, Reflection Press, 1969. + Programm Pro Musica Nova, Radio Bremen 1972. -

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kavel: 876
Artists' box celebrating John Cage.
-Assembled by Belgian journalist and composer Jacques Bekaert. Brussels, Vierkant uitgaven, 1970. Numbered 0027 of unknown edition. Loose sheets of different formats in black box, 30 x 23.5 cm. -

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kavel: 877
Experimental Music publications
-Cornelius Cardew ed., Nature Study Notes; Improvisation Rites. London, The Scratch Orchestra, 1969. A collection of 152 written scores published as a booklet by Cardew at the beginning of the Scratch Orchestra in 1969 and distributed through the Experimental Music Catalogue. 16 pp. Rare original copy in good shape. + Experimental Music Catalogue, London, September 1972. + Cornelius Cardew ed., Scratch Music. London, Latimer New Dimensions, 1972. First edition. Softcover, 129 pp. Key collection of texts and scores. Slight wear on cover, else very good. + Henry Cowell, New Musical Resources. New York, Something Else Press, 1969. + H.H. Stuckenschmidt, Twentieth Century Music. New York and Toronto, World University Library, 1970. + R. Meltzer, The Aesthetics of Rock. New York, Something Else Press, 1970. + Manford L. Eaton, Bio Music. Something Else Press, 1974. -

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kavel: 878
-Robert Whitman, Sounds for 4 cinema pieces. Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art, 1968. Exhibition catalogue containing a red flexi-disk inserted between two sheets, with text and images on four films. 18.5 x 19 cm. 11 min. 33 rpm soundtrack. Some toning on cover, else fine. -

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kavel: 879
Source: Music of the Avant Garde, Issue 10.
-Sacramento, Composer/Performer Edition, 1971. Seminal source for materials on the heyday of experimental music and arts. Conceived in 1966 and published until 1973, it included some of the most important composers and artists of the time. -

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