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veiling / Auction 26. Tjeerd Deelstra Collection part II. Avant Garde, Fluxus, Conceptual Art, Small Press, Concrete Poetry/Typography and Ephemera / 3180-3269 Conceptual Art
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Johan Cornelissen, 2 artists' publications

Dezasete Onibus Passando. Utrecht, Gamma, 1978. Photos taken of 17 buses passing by through Rua do Catete, Rio de Janeiro on August 4 1975 between 11 and 12 a.m. Softcover, 29.5 x 20.5 cm, 18 pp. The first edition in 1976 consisted of 2 copies with original photos. This is the second edition of 1978, entirely in Xerox format, signed and numbered 33/50. 29.5 x 20.5 cm, 18 pp. A clip or strip is missing from the spine, else a very good copy.
+ Journey along the Equator. Artists' project published by De Appel Amsterdam, 1985. Yellow box, 21.5 x 11.5 cm containing 2 cassettes (tape 1 Africa, Asia and tape 2 Pacific, South America) and 1 booklet signed and numbered 3/75. Cornelissen traveled for one year along the imaginary topographic line, sending his field research by post, telex and audio cassettes to De Appel who further distributed these. In mint condition.
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