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3440-3498 Ephemera


veiling / Auction 26. Tjeerd Deelstra Collection part II. Avant Garde, Fluxus, Conceptual Art, Small Press, Concrete Poetry/Typography and Ephemera
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kavel: 3440
Dieter Roth, foldable object for the Festival d'Art d'Avant-garde in Paris, 1960
-Blue and red iris print on thick black paper printed both sides with punched holes. 48 x 30 cm. The name of the artist Diter Rot and the following sentence is printed along the top margin: 'festival d'art d'avant-garde prière de plier dans tous les sens' (please fold in all directions). Super rare beautiful object with minor blemish, see pictures. -

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kavel: 3441
Luciano Fontana perforated postcard, 1966
-Colour printed image with perforations. Published by Alexandre Iolas in conjunction with Fontana's 1966 show in Paris, the gallery also published an artists' book/catalogue with similar prints. Rare. -

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kavel: 3442
Lourdes Castro, Alejandro Otero, Marta Minujin announcement with original silkscreens
-Paris, self published, 1963. 25 x 16.5 cm, 8 pp. leporello with a tipped in silkscreen by each artist, 21 x 15 cm. Text by José Augusto França and Robert Filliou. Hand made booklet which announces a group show at Rue Delambre in Paris. -

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kavel: 3443
Claes Oldenburg, Ray Gun Spex 1960/1972
-Advertising poster designed by the artist to announce a series of happenings at Judson Gallery, New York, on February 29, March 1, March 2, 1960. Published by Hanns Sohm, Markgroningen in 1972. Offset lithograph printed red on white paper, 64.5 x 76.5 cm. This is the first version in red print, which was rejected by Oldenburg who preferred the second version printed black on green paper.-

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kavel: 3444
Jack Smith, Flaming Creatures at the Tivoli Theatre
-New York, Self published, c. 1964. Flyer, 29 x 23 cm, for one of the defining underground films of the 1960s held at the Tivoli Theatre. Upon the third screening the police raided the theatre, confiscating the print and charged Jonas Mekas, Ken Jacobs and Florence Karpf to be in violation of New York's obscenity laws. -

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kavel: 3445
Trisha Brown and Deborah Hay, Dance Concert, 1966
-Poster for a performance at Judson Memorial Church, New York on March 29 -30 1966. 56 x 44 cm, printed black on white with letters dancing all over the sheet. Good copy. -

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kavel: 3446
George Brecht, Chair Event No. 6, 1967
-Poster published by Edizioni Cultura contemporanea ED 912, Milan as No. 6 from the first No. Series. -

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kavel: 3447
Yoko Ono at the Saville 1967
-B/w flyer, 21 x 29 cm. The Saville concert featured the world premiere of 'The Fog Machine', and, as the flyer adds, 'Yoko's Film No4 will be shown in the Men's Room during the concert. All those who attend are asked to please bring a mirror with you.' -

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kavel: 3448
Barbara Rubin, Caterpillar Changes
-Elaborately ill. poster, 56 x 44 cm, printed red on yellow. Announces the multimedia festival at the Filmmakers Cinematheque, New York, February 18 through March 2, 1967. -

verkocht € 1100.00
kavel: 3449
Lenny Bruce at Village Theatre, 1967
-Two posters, each 56 x 45 cm, produced the year after Bruce’s death for a special showing of a film about his life and work hosted by independent filmmaker Jonas Mekas. The screening took place at the Village Theatre for one night only. Proceeds went to the benefit of the Film-Makers’ Fund, established by Mekas’ organization the Film-Makers Cinemateque.-

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