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1500-1527 Photography: Press Photography 1930-1940


veiling / Auction 28 - Session II Cartography part 2, Comics, Photobooks & Photography, Asia and Asian Arts, Graphic Arts, Funerary, Sheet Music, Fine Arts part I
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kavel: 1500
[Women] Collection of 28 photographs
-Ca. 1930-1935. Various sizes, most approx. 20 x 14 cm. Photos of progressive women breaking w. tradition, such as a.o.: the first female judge; the first female staffed auto shop in London; the only female town crier; Britain's only "steeplejills"; the only known female coal dealer; women pipe smoking and doing "man's work". Almost all w. description and copyright stamps on verso by Keystone, Fotobureau Holland, Atlantic Presse and Fox.-

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kavel: 1501
[Romani people] Collection of eight photographs
-1930-1935. Various sizes, approx. 20 x 15 cm. Photos of Romani people in different countries and cities such as Spain, Romania, Berlin, Beirut and Montenegrin Romani women fortune telling at the beach in Biarritz. All w. copyright stamps on verso of Keystone, Fotobureau Holland, C. Delius and Atlantic Photo.-

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kavel: 1502
[Microbiology] Collection of 13 photographs
-1934. Various sizes, most 20 x 15 cm. Of microbiology, testing of water, inoculation and sterilisation. All w. description and copyright stamp of Keystone on verso. -

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kavel: 1503
[France] Collection of 57 photographs
-Ca. 1930-1935. Various sizes, most 18 x 13 cm. Photos of a.o.: the city of Cognac and the famous cognac industry; the perfume city of Grasse and the making of perfumes; grapes; the Eiffel Tower and streets of Paris; the pilgrimage to Lourdes; and the anti-bandit campaign in Corsica. W. descriptive strips and copyright stamps on verso of C. Delius and Presse Photo.-

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kavel: 1504
[Inventions. Curiosities] Collection of 23 photographs
-Ca. 1930-1939. Various sizes, approx. 20 x 15 cm. Photos of a.o.: creative inventions such as the 1st "portable" telephone; the Exhibition of Inventions in London; the repurposing of old records as vases and bowls; the art of pickpocketing; and medical inventions such as the swallowing of "sunshine" and the production of surgical catgut. Most w. copyright stamps on verso of Daily Mirror, Keystone and others.-

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kavel: 1505
[Women] Collection of 36 photographs
-Ca. 1930-1936. Various sizes, max 25 x 20 cm. Photos of pre-WWII women in all kinds of environments, such as a.o.: a report on the Dairy Maids of Reading University; native female prisoners on St. Kitts; the visit of the Roman Catholic Young Women's Society of Holland to London; and women engaged in various kinds of crafts and trades. Almost all w. copyright stamps on verso by The Associated Press, Fotobureau Holland and Keystone.-

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kavel: 1506
[Globe making] Collection of 17 photographs
-1930-1933. Various sizes, most 24 x 18 cm. All the different stages of the craft of making terrestrial and celestial globes, giving a wonderful insight in the art of globe making. All w. copyright stamps and description on verso, mostly by Keystone.-

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kavel: 1507
[Children] Collection of 30 photographs
-Ca. 1930-1935. Various sizes. Photos of a.o.: teaching of the Open Air School in London for the prevention of and to combat the rise of tuberculosis; teaching of deaf and blind children; and many other subjects. W. descriptions and copyright stamps on verso of Fox, Keystone and Fotobureau Holland. -

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kavel: 1508
[Circus] Three photographs by Willi Ruge (1892-1961)
-1931. 23.5 x 18 cm. On the tiger trainer Cilly Heyderich, made to accompany an article on the famous dompteuse. Willi Ruge was a famous photographer w. his own agency in Berlin, who mostly specialized in aerial photography. W. descriptive strip w. copyright on verso by Fotoaktuell GmbH, Berlin.-

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kavel: 1509
[Downing Street] Four photographs by Eric Borchert (ca. 1900–1942)
-Depicting the area of Downing Street, "Die strasse die die halbe Welt regiert!", showing a.o. the Kings messenger arriving and a view of Number 10. Eric Borchert was star photographer of the Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung, and later during the Second World War became one of the famous fotographers of the German "Propagandakompanie" in the Africa campaign, where he died in Tobruk in 1942. All with copyright stamps of The Associated Press and Recla with descriptive strip on verso, 24 x 18 cm, ca. 1932-1939. -

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