LOT 509
SOLD €50,00

"Mr. C.W. Ritter. Aangeboden bij zijn afscheid door het personeel

van De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. Oude Turfmarkt Amsterdam". Farewell album, presented 30 September 1950 [on front cover], with gouache escutcheon title page with calligraphed text and a watercolour "vestibule Hoofdbank De Nederlandsche Bank N.V.", all signed "P.H. Kiers", followed by 56 leafs with original signatures, bound together in cord-bound cloth, folio.

With some modern documentation on Mr. C.W. Ritter. At the moment of his departure, Ritter had been working at DNB for 27 years, as assistant secretary and as treasurer-general. The album contains some 380 signatures.

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