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[Album amicorum] "Vrienden Rolle van Charlotte Ioh. Kneppelhout"

Album amicorum, gouache title page followed by 146 numbered pages with contributions dated 1792-1797, with 22 pages of contemporary alphabetical index on a part of the contributions in pen and brown ink, fine contemporary binding in rich gilt red morocco with gilt edges, oblong 8vo.

The paging omits 73-76 and pages 91 and 121 are also missing. From the index it appears that page 91 concerned a contribution by A. Snoeck and page 121 a contribution by an unknown "L'inconnu", p. 73-76 are not mentioned in the index. Beautiful album with lovely contributions. Contains among other things a silhouette portrait, a poem with decorative border and advice from Charlotte's father, the Gorinchem vicar Johannes Kneppelhout (1745-1803); a poem on the tomb of her mother (Johanna Kneppelhout née Van Rijkevorsel), with grisaille illustration, both by Charlotte herself; a contribution titled "Muziek des Harten" in decorative border and silhouette portrait of Charlotte's brother C.J. Kneppelhout (1778-1818, writer and counsellor); a skillful cutting of a bouquet of wild flowers by J. Pompe; a grisaille view of a small farm by C. Bisdom; a grisaille river view with castle by J.F. Beunninger Van Niel and contributions in fine gouache borders by J.B. Chastelein, A. Geelings, J. van Diepenbrugge. With written contributions by, among others, J.H. Wijgaers, H.A. Wijgaers, A. Hagoort, H.P. Hagoort, K.M.H. de la Faille, M. de la Faille, R.A. Rietveld, 3 contributions by members of the Streithorst family, C. van Heukelom, 6 contributions by members of the Humbert family, H.A. van Asch van Wijck (and gouache fruit basket by H.M.A.J. van Asch van Wijck), M.J. van Diepenbrugge, M.M. Rocheteau, J.G. Wormer, A. Musketier, J.G. Musketier, C.A. van den Honert, A.W. van Rijckevorsel, J. de Stoppelaar (and gouache bouquet by J.A. de Stoppelaar).

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