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[Adultery in Lochem 1945-1946]

Diary with writings dated "Zondag 23 September 45" to "Donderdag 28 Febr. 46", 3 paged vols., (2),150,(2); (2),152; (2),103 p. (vol. III with writings up to p. 66, else blank), contemporary uniform half cloth (vol. I-II with (damaged) dust jacket), 20.5 x 16.5 cm.

Interesting and intensely written secret diary of a woman madly in love, who suffers greatly under the affair but finds support in her faith. The first writing (in the month during which her husband discovers everything) begins as follows: "Jongen, mijn lieven jongen. Hier in dit boekje, door jouw zelfs gekocht en aan mij geschonken, wil ik, mijn eigen ik, wat aan jou behoort mededelen. Dit boekje ontvang je, of naar mijn dood, of dan, wanneer wij zoo ver zijn dat we over de sloot springen. Uit dit boekje zal je later kunnen zien, hoe het met mij, nadat wij tijdelijk uit elkaar gegaan zijn, gegaan is." Because the diary deals with an affair, there are few exact details. Nevertheless, the text contains many clues, which fit together as the pieces of a puzzle. The fact that it concerns an affair in Lochem appears from several mentions of that town in the headers and the text itself, but also from several tipped-in announcements of performances in that town. Several clues about the author: on the dust cover of vol. I a monogram "GH" is stamped. She celebrates her 36th birthday on 8 December 1945. Her husband, with whom she has the greatest trouble, is called Toon, she has children with him (probably Anneke, Bram, Geert and Riet). Her lover is called Ger, has his birthday on 1 June, and works in Warnsveld, on De Voorst castle. In particular a list with memorable dates (partly preceding the first writing in the diary) at the end of vol. I yields exciting information, including: "1 Juni Verjaardag van mijn eigen lieven Jongen (Heerlijk zamenzijn)"; "24 Juli Onvergeetelijke dag op kantoor (laat ons niet ons lot beslissen)(vooravond van droombeeld)"; "11 Aug. Onverg. middag op kantoor (kasteel de Voorst)(feest van de liefde)"; "31 Aug. Zware dag voor jou mijn lieve Jongen"; "2 Sept. Jos weet alles"; "3 Sept. Toon weet alles"; "4 Sept. Belijdenis van onze liefde"; "22 Sept. 1/2 verjaardag van onze liefde" [first writing of the diary on 23 September]; "8 Okt. Afscheid (De groten lijn van ons toekomstig leven)".

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