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[Cartography] Atlas De Wit

F. de Wit, Germania Inferior, sive XVII Provinciarum Geographicae generales ut et particularea Tabulae. Nieut Kaert-boeck vande XVII Nederlandtsche Provincien begrypende mede de aengrensende landen perfecter als oyt voor desen tot Amsterdam int licht gebracht door Frederick de Wit [ca. 1690]. Atlas with 33 maps, all antiquely coloured and ditto title page with an allegorical scene and verso a "verklaringe deses Boecks," else a description of the maps, 16 pp. and the following 33 maps: 1. Nov. et acc. XVII Provinciarum Germ. Inf. Tab. 2. Belgium Foederatum em. auct. et nov. ed. 3. Tabula Comitatus Frisiae. 4. Tab. Dom. Groeningae quae et compl. max. partem Drentiae. 5. Transiselania Provincia vulgo Over-Yssel. 6. Ducatus Geldriae et Com. Zutphaniae Tab. 7. Com. Zutphaniae et Flum. Isulae nova del. 8. Ultrajectini Dominii Tab. 9. Com. Hollandiae Tab. 10. Nova atque em. descr. Suydt Hollandiae 11. Nov. Delftlandiae, Schielandiae et circ. ins.Tab. 12. Rhinilandiae, Amstelandiae et circ. 13. Noordt Hollandt 14. Comitatus Zelandiae Tab. 15. Belgii Regii acc. Tab. 16. Com. Flandriae Tab. 17. Flandiae partes duae Prop. Imp. 18. Flandriae Teutonicae pars orient. 19. Flandriae pars occ. 20. Flandria Gallica 21. Tab. Com. Artesiae 22. Com. Hannoniae et Episc. Cambresis descr. 23. Com. Namurci Tab. 24. Duc. Lutzenburgici Tab. 25. Tab. Duc. Limburch et Com. Valckenburgh 26. Tab. Duc. Brabantiae cont. March Sacri Imp. et Dom. Mechliniense 27. Prima pars Brabantiae Lovanium 28. Sec. pars Brabantiae Bruxellae 29. Tertia pars Brabantiae March S.R.I. Antverpia 30. Quarta pars Brabantiae Sylvaducis 31. Marchionatus Sacri Imperii et Dom. Mechelini Tab. 32. Nova totius Westphalia descr. (and) 33. Carta nova acc. del passagio et strada dalli Paesi Bassi per via de Allemagna per Italia (= travel map from the Low Countries to Northern Italy, dated 1671)

Folio, parchment, complete with title page, verso index and 16 pp. text. The 33 maps with beautiful contemporary colouring. Parchment binding with blind stamp and signs of use. Maps verso blank; some verso rep., var. stains and inkblots in margins, final maps with sm. restoration, endpapers renewed and final endpaper rep. Fair to good copy of this rare atlas.

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