LOT 216


Spelende Vermenigvuldiging. 6 lithographed pictures with insertable numbers. Ca. 1900. In box + Advertentiespel. Game with 96 cards, 24 of which with coloured figures. Ca. 1900, in orig. box with rules + Perlen-Mozaik, ca. 1860. With 9 cards, laced mosaic and loose beads in lith. box, 20 x 17 x 3.5 cm. - and 3 other games, a 19th century cardboard postcard holder. Added: Gefiederte Lieblinge. Oiseaux Favoris. Ca. 1890. Paper illus. envelope with 5 (of 6) lithographed birds, with two legs enabling them to be positioned standing. 2 of these lack a leg, one lacks a tail piece.

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