LOT 2130
SOLD €110,00

[Decorations WWI] Twelve pieces, incl. (1-4) Frontkämpferbund.

Combination of medal, 2 pins and ring, all of metal enameled in the colours black, red and white, the medal with on reverse text "Gesetzl. Geschützt. Deschler u. Sohn. München", the ring (the only item not marked FKB) with "Ypern" in the enamel (ring in later box).

(5-6) "7.I. 1916". Combination of medal and lapel-insignia, both with blue/ white ribbon; (7-10) Four times "Eisernes Kreuz" 1813-1914, all with crowned monogram "F.W.", two copies with black/ white ribbon. And with 2 more (Friedrich August Medaille and "ECE Kriegs-ehren-zeichen) (total 12).

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