LOT 2133
SOLD €80,00

[Medals] Lot with 11 various medals

incl. (1) "Wittbg. Meisterschaften VI Kreis D.A.S.V. Feuerbach. Pfingsten 1920 Meisterschaft, Stemmen F.G." Silver (?) medal with aforementioned text on one side and man with laurel wreath on the other, ostensibly unsigned, on ring, diameter 5 cm.

(2) "A.E.G.B.E.W. fuer Dienst und Treue" Silver (?) medal with on one side the aforementioned text around an eagle and bee, and with on reverse the portrait of Emil Rathenau on his birthday 11 December 1908 (70 years old), with ribbon, total length 7 cm.; (3-5) A.S.V. Botnang Jub. Wettk. Pf. 23." Medal in three variants: with text "I. Pr. Sch. G." with wrestlers on reverse (silver-coloured), with text "II. Pr. St. L.G." with man with laurel wreath on reverse (silver-coloured) and without text with man with laurel wreath on reverse (bronze), all with diameter 3.3 cm.; (6) "Corpsmanover des III. Armeecorps bei Neuburg a.D. 1910." Aluminium medal with the aforementioned text and city profile with zeppelin on one side and portrait of Freiherr Kress v. Kressestein on the other, diameter 3.7 cm. And with another 5 various other medals (total 11).

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