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[Theatre] Jan Hannema "Admiraal Tom Pouce" (1839-1878). Two album amicorum entries:

(1) "Ofschoon ik klein van wasdom ben, ben ik toch meester van de pen. Jan Hannema. Oud 9 jaar geboorer [sic] 23 april 1839 te Franeker lang 1/2 Ned. el. zwaar 8 Ned. pond. Zutphen 23 april 1848." Manuscript album amicorum entry on paper, 9 x 15.5 cm. (small tear).

(2) "Jan Hannema. Admiraal Tom Pouce Tromp, Zutphen den 27 Meij 1870". Similar entry as (1), from the same album and with the same size. Exceptional lot, with by far the earliest mention of "De kleinste heer van Europa" Jan Hannema, who performed under the name Admiraal Tom Pouce. At the age of 37, he weighed 11 kilograms and was 70 cm tall. Our contributions come from an album amicorum. With the earliest mention (1848), his length and weight initially appear to belong to his date of birth, but turn out to be his size when he was already 9 years old. Apparently, by then he was already a curiosity and perhaps already a performer. In the later entry from 1870 he uses the name under which he became famous. (total 2)

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