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[Artist's book. Zero movement] Frederik Carel Bergisch (1932-)

000 (nul, nul, nul). ZERO PAGE MCMLXVI. Frederik Carel Bergisch, Jozef Maria Dielemans, B. de Kok, M. Bergisch, T. Kroonenburg and J. Matthews. 1966. 24 x 35 cm. Halfcloth with cork boards. Contains (p. 0-1) a title page with a photo of all contributors, (p. 2-3) 7 original photos with 2 drawings, (p. 4-5) a drawing with caption, (p. 6-7) 3 original photos, of which 1 cut up, with caption (p. 8-9) 2 original photos and a drawing, (p. 10-11) 1 photo and 1 drawing with caption, (p. 12-13) 1 photo, (p. 14-15) 2 photos and 1 collage and (p. 16-17) a folding collage, consisting of ephemera and cut outs. All photos are of works by the Dutch Zero movement.

Boards with light traces of use.

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