LOT 1680

Album with 34 prints

10 sheets after Perelle by Le Blond (6x) and Mariette, c. 1640, double sheet, ± 26 x 25 cm, verso blanco. Scenery graphic in etch/ copper engraving technique. Signed in plate; no other text (and) 24 numbered sheets in etch/ copper engraving (26 x 38 cm). Scenery graphic. Caption in Latin. After Domenico Campagnola and/ or Titian. This last series is presumably published by Herman de Neyt (1588 Antwerps - 1642 Delft) in a complete series of 24 sheets.

All sheets bound together in a shabby parchment cover, folio 36 x 27 cm. Sheets are numbered in hand writing and are probably part of a bigger picture.

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