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[Catchpenny prints] Collection of ca. 70 miscellaneous (col.) catchpenny prints

Mostly Dutch but also including German examples, mostly lithographed or w. woodcuts and printed in the second half of the 19th century, various folio sizes.

Incl. duplicates and a number of French- or Dutch Language prints published by Pellerin in Épibnal. Comprising a.o. a nice lithograph with women's activities, 2 copies of a print w. 48 handcol. woodcuts of "huisraad", a print with 4 woodcuts depicting "Spreekwoorden uit het scheepsleven", "Baron von Munchhausen als wielrijder", a set of 4 handcol. prints depicting "Costümbilder aus verschiedenen Jahrhunderten" (numbers 200-203 from the series Münchener Bilderbogen), "De Zwitserse Robinson", 2 prints on Tyl Uilenspiegel and "Verboden te baden".

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