LOT 1852


Consisting of: 1) 12 slides of Don Quichote, series 104. Dresden, Richard Rösch; 2) 15 slides of Aladdin, series 465. Dresden, Richard Rösch; 3) 12 slides of Der kleine Daümling, series 447. Dresden, Richard Rösch; 4) 12 slides of Tischlein deck dich. Düsseldorf, Ed. Liesegang; 5) 10 slides of Ten little nigger boys. Primus junior lecturers' series, no. 515; 6) 24 slides of De water-kindertjes. All in box, c. 1900-1920. Added: 27 glass negatives in wooden box with various images (family photos, city views and others).

Boxes sl. dam. and soiled, case of "De water-kindertjes" damaged. (total 110)

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