LOT 1847

Faience vases and pots, Gouda and Steenwijk

Two faience vases from the ESKAF (Eerste Steenwijker Kunst Aardewerk Fabriek), floral decor. Marked 'bis' and 241. Circa 1925. 31 x 15 cm + larger faience pot and smaller tiny faience pots from Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland. Larger one with floral decor, marked 'Pico', '353' and 'AB'; smaller ones abstract, marked 'Imans', '202'/ '203' and 'AZ'. 20 x 26 cm and 7 x 6 cm. Circa 1926 and 1949. Added: faience pot from Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland, floral decor. 13 x 18 cm.

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