LOT 3022

PTL Nieuwe reeks 1, 2/3, 4, 5, 6

Complete second series of PTL. Published by Het surrealistisch kabinet, Amsterdam 1967-1968. Includes No. 1: Schlechter Duvall, De magie van het Ronde. La Magie du Rond,1967. Stapled booklet. + No. 2/3: Isidore Ducasse, Poésies,1968. Translated by Larens Vancrevel. Illustrated by K. Tonny. 2 separate stapled volumes assembled in gold paper wrapper (damages along the margins and spine).

+ No. 4: Gerbrand Muller, Essay over Jean Stafford. Met een rekening van Schlecher Duvall,1968. + No. 5: The truth. A poem by Ted Joans, 1968. Red cover printed in black. Features a poem translated in 37 languages. + No. 6. Gerbrand Muller, Cádiz/Madrid, 1969.

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