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Pataphysics, large lot

Publications by the Parisian Collège de Pataphysique set up in 1948 by a collective of avant-garde writers and artists following Alfred Jarry's philosophy that the comedic is profoundly serious. Contains 4 issues of Subsidia Pataphysica Troisième et nouvelle série No. 0, 1, 2 and 3/4, 1965-1967. Clean copies.

+ Roger Shattuck, Au seuil de la pataphysique, undated possibly 1963. + Album Mémorial en souvenir de sa Magnificence le Baron Mollet, 1965. One of the 529 ordinary copies. + Jean Ferry, Une autre étude sur Raymond Roussel,1964. + Georges Petitfaux, Petit A-B-C, 1966. One of 596 copies on pink paper. Most booklets with moderate aging on covers. + Envelope sent to Tjeerd Deelstra from Cahiers du Collège de Pataphysique containing ephemera such as a lapel pin with the Pataphysics logo in green on gold metal, and the booklet Raymond Queneau Lettre au Transcendant Satrape, 1969. One of 588 plain copies in mint state. (total approx. 10)

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