LOT 2656

[Costume] Costumes of all nations

London, H. Grevel and co., 1910. With 114 (of 123) coloured lithographic double-page plates. Gilt cloth. Sl. shaky in binding, edges worn/ dam., lacking part of index + Costumes anciens et modernes. Cesare Vecellio. Paris, Didot, 1859-1860. 2 vols. 513 full-page plates. Gilt red cloth, uniform binding. Trifle fox., bindings sl. rubbed + Trachten der Völker. Albert Kretschmer and Karl Rohrbach. Leipzig, Generaldebit, 1906. Col. lith. frontipiece, 104 coloured lith. plates. Gilt cloth. Binding sl. worn.

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