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Albrecht D. Reflection Press , Stuttgart

Eight publications by the prolific imprint of Fluxus artist Albrecht D, designed in a collage-like Xerox manner. Contains: flug/flux BLATTzeitung No. 6, 1969, Dick Higgins, 38 pp; No.15, 1971, 34 pp. Contributions by various artists such as Jochen Gerz, Missmahl, Jean Toche, Ben Vautier; 4 manifestos by Dadaist Raoul Hausmann (1886-1971) of 7 published by Reflection Press in 1969. Folded and stapled A4 sized sheets, gelatin printed in purple. Includes: Was ist der Dadaismus und was will er in Deutschland?, Schweigenreden, Manifest von der Gesetzmassigkeit des Lautes and Dada Emport Sich; Ben Vautier, A little book of Ben, 1970, 32 pp; Raoul Hausmann: 5 dada-manifeste, undated, 22 pp.

+ A collection of approx. 60 A4 sized stencilled sheets and cards by Reflection Press. Includes coloured printed John Furnival poster, postcards by various artists such as Ben Vautier, W. Feelisch and GJ de Rook. Also contains an original collage by Albrecht D. ’adults only’ glued on blue paper. Overall the copies feature moderate traces of use. (total 9)

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