LOT 3472
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Art spaces from Groningen

Circa 20 announcements from Corps de Garde, a non profit space run by Leendert van Lagestein. In 1979 they collaborated with the Groninger Museum and De Appel (Amsterdam) in an international programme called 'Zomermanifestatie', featuring Vito Acconci, James Lee Byars, Jack Goldstein and others. Some posters from this project are in this lot, including Michael Smith's 'Down in the Rec Room'.

+ Galerie De Mangelgang, 20 cards. + Galerie Waalkens, 50 cards, featuring Marten Hendriks, Woody van Amen, Corrie de Boer et al. + Groninger Museum, 50 cards, Milan Kunc, Cucchi, Kruger, Turrell et al. (total 140)

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