LOT 3467
SOLD €200,00

Galerie Swart, Galerie 20, Orez

Announcement cards from the late 60s-70s. Galerie Swart, Amsterdam: 27 cards from Morellet, Struycken and others, 3 posters by Staakman & Rous, silkscreened portfolio by Bonies and a booklet by Frank Gribling.

+ Orez, The Hague: 16 cards. Bram Bogart, Robert Smit et al. + Galerie 20, Amsterdam: 18 x. Kudo, Lourdes Castro, and an airmail envelope housing 5 postcards with reproductions of works by Erik Dietmann such as ‘Hommage á Black Power', 1966. (total 60)

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