LOT 726

[Numismatics] Nine various items: (1) Aan de Burgerij van Amsterdam!

Letterpress placard issued by "Het bestuur", August 1914, 30 x 40 cm. At the beginning of WWI, people were holding on to their silver money, causing troubles for money transactions. In the lower margin: "Hier op te spelden een biljet van f 1,-" and "Hier op te spelden een biljet van f 2,50". (2) "Betalingsbon, groot één gulden", 11 x 16 cm. Fold. and foxed. Indicated in print: "Het recht op inwisseling vervalt den 31 Augustus 1914" and in pencil verso: "Recht tot inwisseling verlengd tot 15-9-14". -and 3 smaller placards concerning emergency money of 1914. -and 4 miscell. others, incl. an issue by the Nationale Handelsbank N.V., on occasion of the new office in the Maagdenhuis, ca. 1960, w. 8 orig. photogr. of the new interior loosely inserted.

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