LOT 6009

Daily Bul magazine. La Louvriere, Editions de Montbliart, 1957- 1964

Seven issues of the Belgian publication Daily-Bul (1957-1983), which defined itself as the 'most disrespectful magazine of the world'. Founded by painter/sculptor Pol Bury (1922-2005) and poet/writer André Balthazar (1934-2014), it featured contributions by the best known artists and writers of the era, including some original collages and drawings. Fourteen issues were published from 1957 to 1983 with texts by a.o. Christian Dotremont and Roland Topor.

This set contains No.1 (1957), No.3, No.5, No.6 (1957, contributions by Alechinsky and an inserted booklet by Claudette David), No.7 (1958), No.9 (1963) and No.10 (1964). Contains the special issue Bah! No.7, which has original interventions by Pol Bury using gouache and felt-pen. No.6 shows some edge-wear of the newssheet paper, other copies are in very fine state. Added is the Daily-Bul tract 'Les Curés exagerent (deuxieme degré)', 27 x 18 cm, printed black on yellow, folded twice. (total 8)

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