LOT 854
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[Cinema] 170 original colour photographs of actresses

Ca. 1970, all measuring approx. 6.5 x 6.5 cm some in cardboard frames, w. var. (copyright) labels and stamps of Combi Press, Walter Chappell/ Gamma Ltd., Louis Valentino, Chuck Combs, Chester Maydole and Paulo Ferrara and the names of the actresses. Very intriguing collection, containing a number of photographs that would have been rather explicit for the period. Comprises photographs of a.o. Kathryn Loder (1940-78, 24 photographs, Loder is known for a.o. Night of the Witches, 1970), Chris Forbes (b. 1951, 8 photographs, Forbes is known for a.o. Sleeper, 1973), Susan Holloway (known for a.o. Point Blank, 1967), Celeste Yarnall (1944-2018, 9 photographs, Yarnall is known for her appearance in the TV series Star Trek, 1967), Stephany Dobbs, Judy Baker, Barbara Rhoades (b. 1946, known for a.o. Harry and Tonto, 1974), Barbara Klein, Kay Winters, Kathy Peace (22x) and with first names only Tammy and Anne. Also includes a series of 39 photographs labelled "Ciganos 0299".

(total approx. 170 in 1 binder)

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