LOT 108
SOLD €290,00

Advertising; Puzzle pictures and Silhouettes

Advertising puzzle pictures of Bensdorp, Thee Eureka and Van Houten. Lithographed cards on which an image is hidden within an image, ca. 1900. (8 x) + 9 silhouette cards. De Jong's Cacao, Grootes cacao and Bensdorp. + Beecham's Oracle. Two leaves, ca. 1900. - and the booklet de Schaduwbeelden met de hand. R. Theo/Eduard Snoeck, H.H. K., den Haag, H.H. Klaassen, ca. 1900.- and 36 others, including 3 so-called Trick donkeys, light ray cards and erotic metamorphosis cards.

(total 57)

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