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veiling / Auction 25. Session V. Fine Arts, Comics, Erotica, WW2, Sports, Toys, Ephemera and Picture postcards, Posters, Various / 1770-1823 Fine Arts: 20th Century
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kavel: 1786 verkocht € 220.00

[Sonsbeek '71] Documentation on Sonsbeek art exhibit 1971

Manuscript notebook on the organisation of the Sondsbeek exhibit, with details about the participants, activities and locations. E.g., Wim Schippers' sunken church tower is mentioned as potentially being located in Friesland, instead of Enschede.
Ringbinder, A5, 68 pp. + approx. 30 documents on organizing Sonsbeek '71, mostly concerning the exhibits' revolutionary spatial concept written for potential sponsors (in Dutch, English, German and French) + 4 blueprints "Trowel stuck in the ground", the famous "blow-up" sculpture by Claes Oldenburg (1929). The smallest blueprint by Bouwadviesbureau J.G. Heijckmann, the others by Sanders Verenigde Bedrijven N.V. Arnhem. Dimensions: 55 x 84 cm (2x), 76 x 112 cm and 86 x 140 cm. Dates between 15-2-1971 and 8-6-1971. Folded + 1 duplicate + Sonsbeek buiten de perken. Deel 1/ Part 1. Arnhem, Centre Park Sonsbeek, 1971. Sewn + 15 photo cards themed "Casual art". 9 x 14 cm and (all but one) addressed on reverse to Wim Beeren with Dutch postage and stamps of various dates in 1971. Six cards with salutation "Hi!" (incl. the card without stamps, this one also with monogram KS and EE in pen). One card with turned corner. "Mail art" series, of which we were unable to trace the artist; Kenneth Snelson from the catalogue Sonsbeek '71 has similar initials. (total ± 53)
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