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300-399 Fluxus: Objects and Boxes


veiling / Auction 25 Session I Collection Tjeerd Deelstra. Fluxus and post-war Conceptual Arts & Counterculture Movement part I
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kavel: 300
Dwan Gallery, Boxes
-Catalogue in scroll format published on the occasion of the 1964 group exhibition Boxes at the Dwan Gallery in Los Angeles. Housed in a printed screen card box, the scroll measures 18.5 x 11.5 x 8 cm and consists of three parts glued together. It contains biographical text and images of sculptures that explore the significance of the box in twentieth century art.-

verkocht € 400.00
kavel: 301
Stanley Brouwn, Steps of Pedestrians on Paper, 1960
-Stunning portfolio by key Dutch conceptual artist Stanley Brouwn (1935-2017). Grey portfolio, 25 x 33 cm. Contains 10 original works featuring footprints on off-white paper. 24.5 x 30 cm each. All signed S. Brouwn in pen in lower right corner. The series dates from 1960 and is also known as Passanten (Passers-by). Very good copies. Extremely rare large series, one of which is held at the Moma/ Art & Project collection in New York.-

verkocht € 53000.00
kavel: 302
Stanley Brouwn, This Way Brouwn, 1964
-Grey portfolio with the title This Way Brouwn stamped on front. 35 x 25 cm. Contains six loose sheets with original works measuring 24.5 x 32 cm, all stamped 'This Way Brouwn' in the lower right corner. 'R-25-6' handwritten on verso of each sheet, presumably the date of the action. Three sheets feature drawn directions in blue felt pen, three are left blank. One sheet is signed Brouwn 64 in pencil. This version shows KP encircled (Koningsplein). All sheets have slight toning around the edges. Browning on edges of the sheet depicting Heiligeweg, else in good condition. Very rare and appealing set.-

verkocht € 51000.00
kavel: 303
Ben Vautier, Le manque est création, circa 1959-1962
-Unique framed collage of buttons on card with handwritten text by Ben. 17.5 x 14.5 x 1 cm. Provenance is the private collection of George Brecht. Acquired by Tjeerd Deelstra from Brecht's girlfriend Anna Lovell in London in 1972.-

verkocht € 2500.00
kavel: 304
George Brecht, Untitled, circa 1965
-Boxed assemblage. Objects (cord and dice) in cotton-filled specimen box. 31 x 20.7 x 2 cm. Provenance: acquired from Anna Lovell, London early 1970's from the private collection of George Brecht (1926-2008). Beautiful original work by the influential American avant-garde composer, conceptual artist and Fluxus member. In near mint state.-

verkocht € 3700.00
kavel: 305
George Brecht, Water Yam
-New York, Fluxus no. C, 1963. First edition. Cardboard box with offset label designed by George Maciunas. 15.5 x 16.5 x 4.5 cm. Contains 78 white and some black offset event score cards in various sizes. -

verkocht € 1500.00
kavel: 306
Robert Watts, Events
-Cardboard box with Maciunas designed label, containing 28 event cards (including a few double copies). Published by Fluxus New York, produced by Willem de Ridder for his European Mail-Order House, Amsterdam, 1964. -

verkocht € 300.00
kavel: 307
Flux Year Box 1 (Box version), 1964
-Assembled, designed and produced by George Maciunas with the collaboration of Willem de Ridder for the European Mail-Order House, Amsterdam. 20.3 x 21.8 x 3 cm. -

verkocht € 1000.00
kavel: 308
Flux Year Box 1 (Book version), 1964
-Assembled, designed and produced by George Maciunas. Anthology of flat objects by Fluxus artists in envelopes bound together by three metal bolts. 19 x 21 x 4 cm. Housed in a wooden mailing crate (25.5 x 23.5 x 7.5 cm) which has the title 'Fluxkit' sprayed on it. Contains 16 envelopes with printed matter or small objects enclosed intermixed with around 50 leaves, partly printed on transparent overlays. -

verkocht € 12500.00
kavel: 309
Flux Year Box 2, 1966-1968
-Wooden box with screen print, metal clasp and hinges containing objects in various mediums. 20.5 x 20.5 x 9 cm. Assembled, designed and edited by George Maciunas, New York. -

verkocht € 12500.00
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