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veiling / Auction 25 Session I Collection Tjeerd Deelstra. Fluxus and post-war Conceptual Arts & Counterculture Movement part I / 300-399 Fluxus: Objects and Boxes
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Tjeerd Deelstra's tripbook, by various Fluxus friends

In 1974 Tjeerd Deelstra traveled through the USA and Japan on a Fluxus research trip. He asked the artists he visited to contribute something to his notebook, resulting in this stunning collective artwork by Fluxus friends. A significant art historical document, though not for the faint-hearted collector. Contains snippets of body parts (toe nails, calluses, pubic hair) and transmits an unpleasant odour due to leaking of unidentified liquids on a salted fish. More inserted object such as a battery, plastic fly, branch, a metal fork and earplugs transform the circa 70 pp. notebook into a bulky bookwork measuring 22 x 28 x 12 cm.
Contributions by Anna Banana, Bill Gaglione, Simone Forti (drawing of a sniffing rhinoceros), Alison Knowles (wine and gum print), Bici Forbes, Caws, Ray Johnson, Fletcher Copp, Yoshimasa Wada (9 volt transistor batttery), Trisha Brown, Geoff Hendricks (Beard hair and stamp This is not a Cloud), Charlotte Moorman (pubic hair and drawing), Bob Watts, George Maciunas (calluses), Michael Cochran, Jock Reynolds (the salted fish), Pat Tavenner, Opal LL Nations, Hiroshi Yoshimura, Yukio Tsuchiya, Yoshi Mura, Ken Friedman and many others.
Anna Banana wrote an amusing article about Deelstra's visit to San Francisco. She was asked by Ken Friedman to give him a tour, which became quite extravagant with various Bay Area Dadaists friends. The magical tour 'starring visiting art historian Tjeert Deelstra from Denmark' ended up in a Chop Suey restaurant where they made entries in the 'Tripbook'.
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