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veiling / Auction 26 Session I. Children's books, Paper Toys, School Plates, Literature, Manuscripts, Old Books / 216-251 Literature
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[Literary avant-garde] "Chusim (Ben Berak)"

Over het bestaan van de periodieke voedingsverschillen der plant. Most probably self published. Stamp on title page: Zeist, J.T., Swartsenburg, 1916. Coloured illustration on first page. Sm. 8vo. Paper covers. 130 pp + 8 pp. supplement with parodies of positive book reviews.
Poor copy: last 3 leaves loose and torn with loss of paper and text, lacking cover, falling apart and other dam.
*Curious and virtually unknown book with bizarre Alfred Jarry-like parodies, rants and grotesques. On pp. 106-107 a proto-Van Ostaijen-like dada-esque poem. Nothing is known about the author. Not in the K.B. Very rare.
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