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veiling / Auction 26. Session III. Fine Arts, Erotica, WW2, Sports, Toys, Ephemera and Picture Postcards, Vinyl, Posters, Various / 1724-1790 Fine Arts: 20th Century
[1770] [1771] [1772] [1773] [1774]
kavel: 1772 verkocht € 150.00

C. Meindertsma. Checked Baggage. 3264 prohibited items

Soeps Uitgeverij, Eindhoven, 2004. 644 p.
*'In 2003, Christien Meindertsma bought 3263 objects at auction in Amsterdam; all items had been confiscated from a total of 600,000 travelers during the course of one week at Schiphol Airport baggage control in the Netherlands. Included in this unusual harvest were scissors, corkscrews, combs, penknives, toy guns, drawing compasses, razor blades, potato peelers, gardening tools, a bullet-shaped lighter, as well as any object that might in theory arouse fears of in-flight terrorist activity'.
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