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Privacy Voorwaarden

Privacy Voorwaarden

Zwiggelaar Auctions will do the utmost to protect your data and privacy and will never sell or share personal data with third parties for any commercial purpose whatsoever.

Official authorities are the only exception to this rule; in rare cases they are authorized to require insight into data. In that case we will provide the necessary information.

What type of personal data is filed?

We only file Data necessary for the proper execution of our services: contact details, i.e. name, (postal) address, email address and telephone number(s), log-in details for our website and information necessary for shipping and invoicing. (These data also fall under the legally binding requirements for the retaining of data.)

In case you wish to e.g. correct data, please send an email to zwiggelaarauctions@gmail.com. We will assist you with any question you may have.


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