LOT 547

Dédié a la Meilleure de Mères. Le Jour de sa Fète. 1822

Manuscript, ca. 60 leafs written with a fine, calligraphic hand (followed by ca. 30 blank leafs), on the title and between the text leafs a total of 8 extremely detailed drawings in black chalk, fine contemporary binding in gilt green half leather with gilt lettered "Dèdiè [sic] a ma mère" in overlaid diamond shape on front, edges gilt, in original pink cased slipcase (several leafs tender, lacks leather diamond on back).

A loving homage to a mother by her son ("un fils qui cherit sa mère", introductory poem), with text contributions such as "Le Bouton de Rose. Fable", "Le coucher du Soleil", "L'Attrait du Village", "Premier Amour", "A la Fortune", "Les Charmes de l'Amitié", "Zephyr et Flore"; "Les Charmes de l'Amour", "Portrait de Donquichotte", "Le Songe de l'Indigent", "L'Amour en Voyage" and "Combat de Donquichotte contre les Moulins à Vent". The drawings (of great artistic quality) depict among other things: the personified virtues Fortuna and Gaudium (Joy), Cupid in his cart, a young couple threatened by Cupid with an arrow, Zephyr and Flora and Zephyr alone.

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