LOT 276

[Astronomy] "De planetis" (spine title).

Manuscript in pen and ink in Latin on light-blue paper, c. 1800, (2),338,(2) p., with several illustrations, modern full blue leather in old style with gilt and ribbed back, 18 x 12.5 cm.

Intriguing scientific manuscript regarding the solar system, with chapters/ sections titled "De sphera", "De horizonte", "De zodiaci", "De tropicis", "De solaribus", "Apparentia spherae rectae" (with sections apparentia 1a to 5a), "Apparentiae obliquae" (sections apparentia 1a to 11a), "Apparentiae spherae parallelae" (sections 1a to 2a), "De Luna", "De Saturnus et satellitibus', "De Cometis", "De systhemate Copernicaus", "Explicanti pcipua Lunae phaenomena", "Appendix de eclypsibo solis et lunae" and "De lunae eclipsibus".

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