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3000-3085 Avant-Garde


veiling / Auction 26. Tjeerd Deelstra Collection part II. Avant Garde, Fluxus, Conceptual Art, Small Press, Concrete Poetry/Typography and Ephemera
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kavel: 3010
Internationale Situationniste. Aux Poubelles de l’Histoire!
-Paris, Internationale Situationniste, 1963. Large broadside, 94 x 64 cm, folded in 4. Black ink on white stock, printed recto only. Issued by the Situationist International, collectively signed in print by Guy Debord, Michèle Bernstein and the other members of the Central Council. Features an attack on the Marxist periodical Argument and the theoretician Henri Lefebvre. Aged item, with browning and damage along folds and edges, see pictures. -

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kavel: 3011
International Situationists. Supplements and correspondence
-Seven postmarked envelopes sent to Tjeerd Deelstra from the Paris S.I. containing supplements to La Revue Internationale Situationniste. Included are: Espana en el Corazon (1964), Les luttes des classes en Algérie (1965), The decline and the fall of the 'spectacular' commodity-economy (1965), Address to the Revolutionaries of Algeria and of all countries (1965), Le point d'explosion de l' idéologie en Chine (1967), De la misere en milieu étudiant (1967, second edition, rare), Attention! Trois provocateurs (1967, folded poster, 50 x 31 cm. Printed red on white, overall creasing).-

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kavel: 3012
Situationist International. Destruction of the RSG-6.
-Destruktion af RSG-6: En Kollektiv Manifestation af Situationisk Internationale. Odense, Galerie EXI, 1963. First edition. 21 x 24 cm, 28 pp. Important SI catalogue of the first and last collective art show of the Situationist International in a gallery. The exhibition aimed to criticize politics as well as the institution of art by creating 'an atmosphere of an atomic shelter'. Features an essay by Guy Debord in English, Danish and French. The cover reproduces the poster Danger! Official Secret, by Spies for Peace. Extremely scarce catalogue as most copies were destroyed by the firebombing of J. V. Martin's appartment where they were stored. Near fine copy with some creasing/dog earring to margins. -

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kavel: 3013
International Situationists, lot of 4
-Booklet Ten Days That Shook the University/ Of student poverty: Considered in its Economic, Political, Psychological, Sexual and Particularly Intellectual Aspects, and a Modest Proposal for its Remedy. London, BCM/Situationist International, not dated (1967). 23.5 x 15.5 cm, 32 pp. Added is a letter by Ben Covington (pseudonym of Radcliff, editor of Heatwave) as representative of the Situationists International postmarked 1967. Addressed to Comrade!, signed 'Yours for the revolution of everyday life'. -

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kavel: 3014
International Situationists. To nonsubscribers of Radical America
-New York, Situationist International/Jon Horelick and Tony Verlaan, c. 1970. Poster, 57 x 44.5 cm, folded in two. Printed red and black on white paper on recto only. Features a venomous critique of the magazine Radical America, for publishing an 'incorrect' translation of Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle. Browning, fraying and chipping along margins. Printed parts are clear. Rare.-

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kavel: 3015
Situationist International, lot of 5
-Raoul Vaneigem, The totality for kids. London, BCM/Situationist International, undated late 1960s. 21 x 13.5 cm, 32 pp. Blue stapled cover with white title. Reprint translated from French by Gray and Vissac. Fine copy. + Raoul Vaneigem, The revolution of everyday life: Part 1 & 2. Black wrapper with title printed in black, 20.5 x 12.5 cm. Part 1: 53 pp. printed black on blue paper, part 2: 42 pp. printed black on purple. Pirate edition, no publishing information found. Part 1 mint, part 2 pages creased at margins, else fine. -
€ 100 - € 200
kavel: 3016
Daily Bul, lot of 9
-Three issues of the Belgian magazine Daily-Bul (1957-1983), edited by Pol Bury and André Balthasar. Daily-Bul defined itself as the 'most disrespectful of the world' and featured contributions of the best known artists and writers of the era. Included are issues No.1 (1957), No. 6 (1958) with contributions by Alechinsky and an inserted booklet by Claudette David (now loose), and No. 13 (1967) which is a book object with a polystyrene plate and a rubber stamped envelope containing a badge. Discolouration and denting on the cover, else fine. -

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kavel: 3017
PuntPointPunktPounkt 5/2
-Mortsel, publisher not named, 1962. Printed portfolio wrapper, 27.5 x 21.5 cm, 76 loose folded pp. of various colours and paper types. Belgian surrealist journal in Flemish (some French) edited by Paul Kiks, Freddy Beyns and Marc J. Dalain. -
€ 100 - € 200
kavel: 3018
Belgian avantgarde publications
-Includes: Strates No.1 Oct 1963. Rare first issue of Christian Dotremont's magazine Strates (1963-1966, 7 issues). 24 x 16 cm, 12 pp, with contributions by Dotremont (logo-neige), Jorn, Reinhoud and Alechinsky. Moderate discolouration on cover else very good. + Jean Raine, Une liberté qui dure, 1956. Exhibition catalogue of the work of Maurice Wyckaert at Taptoe Gallery in Brussels with poems by Jean Raine and illustrations by Wyckaert.-

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kavel: 3019
Revue Phantomas
-11 issues of the Belgian avant garde/ surrealist inspired review founded by Marcel Havrenne, Joseph Noiret and Theodor Koenig in 1953. Published by Theodor Koenig in Brussels until 1977. Text in French. Some issues with uncut pages. -
€ 100 - € 200
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